NCP Series

Constant Current + Non-polar LED Modules for Signage

  • Premium LED module solution
  • Constant current drive – “Fully warranted Stability” with high energy efficiency
  • Constant Luminosity & Current flow to Max. 50 modules in series
  • Nonpolar circuit design for “Easy installation”
  • 3 chip SMD LED mounted (Made in Korea)
  • Long life LEDs last for years (50,000 hours)
  • Efficient Heat release with double-sided PCB design
  • Slight current drop through wire to wire connection (vs. Soldering)
  • Reverse current protection
  • Durable epoxy resin fill for waterproof (IP68) rating
  • 120° viewing angle creates more uniform backlighting effects and better silhouettes
  • Green products free from any hazardous substances
  • Separate provision of SMPS for integrated LED solutions



Product No. Color Dimension Operating Power Current Dissipation Power Dissipation LED Pitch Max. Series Connection
NCP4 W,R,G,B 44L × 44W × 8H mm DC12V 120mA 1.44 W 28mm 50 modules
NCP3 W,R,G,B 96L × 15W × 7H mm DC12V 60mA 0.72 W 40mm 50 modules
NCP3S W,R,G,B 66L × 15W × 7H mm DC12V 60mA 0.72 W 25mm 50 modules
NCP2 W,R,G,B 66L × 15W × 7H mm DC12V 40mA 0.48 W 40mm 50 modules
NCP2S W,R,G,B 38L × 12W × 7H mm DC12V 40mA 0.48 W 25mm 50 modules
NCP1 W,R,G,B 26L × 12W × 7H mm DC12V 20mA 0.24 W 100 modules

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