Print Head Panasonic Printheads – 4EA
Ink DGI Original F120/F130 Dye Sublimation INK
Drop Size 3, 8, 11 pl – Variable dot
Media Transfer Paper
Max Print Width 1,880mm
Max Media Width 1,900mm
Print Mode Uni/Bi, Normal/Interleave
Interface TCP / IP
Resolution(DPI) Max 1,440DPI
Rip Software Wasatch TX
Color 4 Color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black)
Environmental Rage Temperature : 20~28℃      Humidity : 40~70%
Electricity Single Phase 220V (50/60Hz, AC) Main 5A, 3.3Kw      Heater : 10A
Dimensions Uncrated : 3.300mm(L) x 830mm(W) x 1,350mm(H)
Crated : 3,800mm(L) x 1,050mm(W) x 1,710mm(H)
Weight Uncrated : 330Kg      Crafted : 570Kg
Print Speed
Print Speed
Main Scan(DPI) Mode Sub Scan(DPI) Speed(m²/h) Pass
720 Normal 720 80 1
Interleave 720 60 2
1440 30 4

Especificaciones DGI 1904X

  • World First Panasonic Printhead adopted
  • Maximum 80m²/h productivity
  • High printing quality based on grayscale and variable dot technology
  • Built-In dryer system to support fast printing speed

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